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FMS. Friends Manuscript Series

 Record Group
Identifier: FMS
These are the records of Quaker individuals and families, rather than Quaker organizations, which are housed in Friends Record Group (FRG). They consist primarily of personal or family papers and genealogical collections. These collections are at least a box in size. Smaller Quaker family and individual records, those consisting of only a few items or folders, are housed in Small Collections (SC). A note on Quaker faculty and alumni records: These records may be housed in either Friends Manuscript Series (FMS) and/or the Earlham College Archives (EC). If the person was Quaker and their collection is likely to be of interest to people beyond the Earlham community, the records are housed usually found in FMS, Friends Manuscript Series. For example D. Elton Trueblood’s and Hugh Barbour's personal papers are housed in FMS, not with the other faculty collections in our college archives. Also, some records may be divided between Friends Manuscript Series and the Earlham College Archives. For example, Landrum Bolling's presidential papers, i.e. those that were created during his tenure at Earlham, are housed in the College Archives. His other papers are in FMS, the Friends Manuscript Series.